Fake Funny Printable Fortune Cookie Fortunes by Chris Dunmire
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Printable Fake Funny Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Reprint and Use Over and Over!

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Imagine Cracking Open a Fortune Cookie and Reading One of These Messages!

They'll Make You Toss Your Cookies!
Example Fake Chinese Fortune Cookie Paper FortuneImagine... after eating a scrumptious meal of Mongolian beef, Peking duck, or General Tso's chicken from your favorite Chinese take-out, you crack open a fortune cookie for an inspiring message about love or life only to find... well, one of these snarky fake fortunes! (Read them all at my Fake Fortune Generator.)

Better yet, imagine inserting these funny fortunes into your own homemade fortune cookies (or carefully stuffing them into some store-bought ones) and watching your friends and family react to these unbelievable Words of Wisdom that will keep them guessing!

My made-up, yet creatively crafted fake fortunes are perfect for April Fool's Day jokes, office party gags, humorous birthday treats, and other horsing around fun. The sheet of 28 unique pre-printed fortunes can be reprinted over and over and includes guidelines for you to trim the fortune paper slips easy and professionally on a paper cutter.

Each authentic-looking fortune looks just like those you find in Chinese restaurant cookies, so your unsuspecting victims won't be be able to tell difference — unless you let the cat out of the bag, you'll keep 'em guessing... "Are these for REAL!?" Sweet fun for everyone!

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